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What is WhatsApp's Official Billing process?

What is WhatsApp’s Official Billing process?

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WhatsApp Official Billing Process

This guide will provide you with a detailed understanding of WhatsApp’s Official Billing Process.

WhatsApp Templates

Templates are basically pre-approved messages from WhatsApp which are used to send outbound messages such as OTPs, and notifications regarding shipping, transaction and appointment.

Important points to remember before sending a template:

  • You cannot send marketing and promotional messages as templates. 
  • Templates must be sent only when you need to initiate a new conversation after 24 hours.
  • Currently, WhatsApp only allows you to send templates including text, images and pdf which must be permitted by WhatsApp.
  • The amount charged for outbound template messages depends on the destination country. 

WhatsApp Session

All inbound and outbound messages sent to your phone number are called Session or 24-hour window. A session can begin with a user-initiated conversation. One session lasts for 24 hours and one needs to send a new message to restart a session.

Within a user-initiated conversation, you can send various types of messages including marketing, promotional, media, contact location etc.

WhatsApp Billing

The billing will take place in real-time on a prepaid mode. You will be able to add money to your account and all charges will be automatically debited from your account.

Billing Examples 

Country-wise template charges are applicable for sending invoices, shipping info, OTP, appointments regarding appointment and payment and delivery information etc. Please remember that you cannot send template messages without bearing any costs.

Session charges are applicable to user-initiated conversations. You will also be charged when a user responds to your templates. Every plan consists of certain free sessions. You will be billed only when the free message quota session expires. 

Charges are applicable to chatbot interactions.

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