WhatsApp Chatbot Demo Videos

Appointment Booking WhatsApp Chatbot

This video exhibits the process of scheduling appointments using a WhatsApp chatbot. It showcases how customers can effortlessly book slots by inputting their preferred date, time, and contact information. The chatbot’s natural language understanding, slot suggestions, and secure data collection are demonstrated through engaging visuals and clear instructions. Experience the efficiency and simplicity of WhatsApp chatbots as they revolutionize appointment booking, replacing time-consuming phone calls and intricate forms, offering a streamlined solution for clients.


The video introduces a WhatsApp chatbot designed for an Oman-based hotel, assisting tourists with FAQs. The chatbot’s interactive interface presents a variety of topics, including currency, transportation, language, passports, visas, and famous landmarks, simplifying information retrieval for travellers exploring Oman.

Real Estate WhatsApp Chatbot

In this video, an intelligent WhatsApp chatbot revolutionizes property hunting in Dubai. It simplifies the process, starting with user-friendly interactions, gathering preferences like location and amenities. The chatbot’s advanced search capabilities deliver tailored property recommendations, with comprehensive information on floor plans and nearby amenities. Users also benefit from expert real estate insights, enhancing their decision-making process.

Massage Booking WhatsApp Chatbot

Introducing our WhatsApp chatbot for effortless massage scheduling. Meet your Massage Concierge, offering user-friendly options: “Book an Appointment,” “Reschedule,” “Cancel,” or “Contact the Parlour.” Personalize your booking, choose immediate or scheduled appointments, and enjoy seamless scheduling. Say goodbye to hassles, and embrace the future of massage booking with our chatbot!

Service Booking WhatsApp Chatbot

This video is showing a client using our bot to book a car wash service from the comfort of his home. It demonstrates how our chatbots are making day-to-day life easier and hassle-free for our clients. WhatsApp chatbots can automate almost anything we do on the internet today including booking services, customer service, enquiries etc.

Flight Ticket Booking WhatsApp Chatbot

The video illustrates how a consumer effectively uses a WhatsApp chatbot to book a flight. It highlights the chatbot’s ability to understand user inputs, provide personalized flight options, and guide users through a secure payment process via a trusted gateway. This showcases the simplicity and security of booking flights through WhatsApp chatbots.

Appointment Booking WhatsApp Chatbot

Discover a convenient way to book massage sessions through a WhatsApp chatbot. The video introduces the user-friendly chatbot, showcasing its features like booking, rescheduling, and canceling appointments. Users can personalize their bookings, choose preferred time slots, and even contact the parlour for inquiries. This innovative tool streamlines the massage scheduling process for an effortless experience.

E-Commerce WhatsApp Chatbot

An E-commerce Chat Bot on WhatsApp allows for a seamless shopping experience. Customers can make purchases directly through the messaging app, without the need for any additional steps or navigating to a separate website. By using customer data and previous purchasing behavior, the chatbot can suggest products and provide tailored recommendations to each customer. This level of personalization creates a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience, leading to more sales and repeat customers. This streamlined process is sure to improve customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

In this video, the seamless integration of Google Calendar with the notbot.in dashboard is demonstrated. It highlights how users can effortlessly send calendar links to others using WhatsApp chatbots, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency in scheduling and event management. This integration offers a convenient and effective solution for coordinating and sharing calendar events.

Stock Market Chatbot on WhatsApp provides information about the stock market and companies, their stock details, price etc. With its easy-to-use interface and interactiveness, this bot comes in very handy when it comes to the stock market. Chatbots on WhatsApp can automate any task like these.

RedVision WhatsApp Chatbot

This video presents a case study featuring Redvision, demonstrating how NotBot.in effectively automated Redvision’s sales and support operations through WhatsApp chatbots. It highlights the transformative impact of chatbot integration in streamlining processes, improving customer interactions, and enhancing overall efficiency for Redvision’s business.

KYC Verification Chatbot on WhatsApp

The video demonstrates the functionality of WhatsApp chatbots for Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. These chatbots utilize AI and NLP to interact with users, collect necessary details, and conduct identity verification, offering faster, cost-effective, and 24/7 accessible KYC services. This enhances accuracy and streamlines the customer experience, making it an advantageous tool for companies.

Lead Nurturing from Instagram to WhatsApp

This innovative bot simplifies communication by seamlessly transferring Instagram inquiries to WhatsApp. It engages users on Instagram, requests their WhatsApp number for convenience, sends trip brochures to their WhatsApp inbox, and offers personalized assistance. This streamlines communication, eliminating manual platform switching and enhancing the customer experience for trip inquiries.

Gardener Booking WhatsApp Chatbot

Introducing the Gardener Booking Bot, this video showcases how it simplifies the process of finding and booking gardeners. Users can select their preferred date and time, choose from a list of gardeners with rates, and access contact details for direct communication. The bot concludes with a booking confirmation, ensuring a hassle-free gardening service appointment.

KYC Verification WhatsApp Chatbot

The video highlights a WhatsApp chatbot designed for Aadhaar and PAN card KYC verification. It guides users through the process, starting with a welcome message and proceeding through Aadhaar, PAN card, bank account, and UAN verification steps. Once completed, the chatbot confirms successful verification, emphasizing its convenience and efficiency in simplifying the KYC process. Users are encouraged to try it for themselves.

PortBot WhatsApp Chatbot

Introducing Port Bot, a WhatsApp Chatbot revolutionizing freight booking. The video showcases its user-friendly options: “Search Rates” for personalized pricing, “About Company” for company information, and “Quick Chat” for instant human assistance. Users can explore case studies, leadership, and transparent pricing, making freight booking a seamless experience.

WhatsApp Chatbot Demo

WhatsApp Chatbot can automate almost anything that we do on the internet today. Chatbots are convenient, interactive and provide aid in a wide range of tasks like bookings, customer service, enquiries etc. This chatbot makes the interaction smooth and hassle-free This video shows a sample conversation with a Chatbot on WhatsApp.

Jio Mart WhatsApp Chatbot

The video showcases Jio Mart’s innovative use of WhatsApp as a sales platform. It demonstrates how Jio Mart leverages WhatsApp to market and sell its products, providing customers with a convenient and accessible way to browse, order, and purchase items. This integration reflects modern e-commerce trends, enhancing the shopping experience through seamless communication on WhatsApp.

Car Service Booking WhatsApp Chatbot

Experience the ultimate convenience of booking a car wash with just a few taps in this video. Watch as a customer effortlessly interacts with a WhatsApp chatbot to secure a professional car wash from a car wash company. The video showcases a user-friendly interface, with the customer simply providing their vehicle details and selecting a preferred plan. The chatbot swiftly confirms the booking and suggests optional packages. Witness the power of modern technology streamlining the car wash booking process for an easy and hassle-free experience

Introducing a WhatsApp chatbot designed for swift PAN and Aadhaar card verification. This intelligent virtual assistant simplifies the process, ensuring accuracy and privacy. Integrated with government databases, it offers real-time results, eliminating paperwork and saving time. Users can effortlessly verify their identification documents, experiencing a hassle-free process with this efficient chatbot.

Upload files using a WhatsApp Chatbot

This video showcases the streamlined integration of technology, featuring the effortless file upload and email sending process using a WhatsApp chatbot. Users witness a step-by-step interaction where they express the need to send a file, follow prompts to select and attach the file, input the recipient’s email, and ultimately generate a ready-to-send email. This demonstration underscores the convenience and efficiency of modern technology in simplifying file sharing through WhatsApp chatbots.

Pool Game booking WhatsApp Chatbot

This video showcases the transformation of reservation processes with a WhatsApp chatbot. A customer effortlessly books a pool game through a chat conversation, providing location, date, and participant details. The chatbot swiftly offers available options and pricing, enabling secure payment through integration. It highlights how WhatsApp chatbots revolutionize reservations, offering ease, efficiency, and memorable experiences.

This video illustrates how to book a restaurant reservation through a WhatsApp Chatbot, including searching for the restaurant’s contact, initiating the conversation, selecting booking options, and receiving a confirmation message. It emphasizes the benefits for restaurants, such as convenience, time-saving, 24/7 availability, customization, and fast response times. Additionally, it highlights various service providers across sectors that can leverage WhatsApp chatbots for enhanced customer engagement and efficiency.

This video demonstrates how to book a doctor’s appointment using a Doctor Appointment Booking Chatbot on WhatsApp. Patients can access healthcare services conveniently, 24/7, avoiding long waiting times. The chatbot utilizes AI and machine learning to offer personalized medical advice based on symptoms. It also streamlines healthcare providers’ operations by automating tasks, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs associated with missed appointments.