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Whatsapp Chatbot

I can make whatsapp chatbots for your customers which can automate many processes eliminating human efforts.

Our system works just like a conversational AI.We provide custom Whatsapp Chatbots & Automations for Businesses of all sizes across all the industries like Medical, Education, Logistics, E-Commerce, etc.

We make chatbots for banks, chatbots for insurance, chatbots for education, conversational AI chatbots, e-commerce chatbots and many more.

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Chatbots & Automation

More than 100 Billion messages are shared across WhatsApp on a regular basis. That’s why it is imperial to bring your business to whatsapp and use automation. This can be done through automation chatbots.

We at NotBot use best in class APIs for chatbot automation which are fast & quickly responsive. We make the best auto reply messages for WhatsApp which can be used by businesses on a daily basis.

E.g – Educational institutions can send broadcast messages through WhatsApp to cater to a large audience.

WhatsApp ChatBots

Telegram ChatBots

Facebook Messenger ChatBots

and many more...

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With the increased usage of the internet & Whatsapp, more and more people are spending time online. Therefore, chatbot automations are a necessity for businesses now. 

Chatbot automations help businesses to market their products to a wider audience and also helps in capturing more leads.

E-commerce & food delivery services use chatbots to solve customer issues eliminating manual human efforts.

Chatbots for banks and chatbots for insurance are able to get more leads, understand customer’s requirements and sell custom solutions to their clients.

NotBot provides WhatsApp automation, Telegram automation, Gmail automation, Google sheet automation and many more.

Gmail Automation

Scraping & Data Mapping

Google Sheets Automation

and many more...

I am pro in making

Social Media Chatbots

Apart from WhatsApp, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook are great places to do business. Social media marketing garner to large audiences and a product or a service can be showcased to your target customers.

A lot of leads and enquiries come through social media. So, it is imperative that conversational chatbots are integrated for these platforms. We provide seamless integration of chatbots for social media platforms.

Promotional messages, lead generation, sales, greeting messages, all can be easily achieved and optimised by using chatbots. 

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Most popular industries which use

WhatsApp Business API

Medical Institution

Notbot’s Chatbot automation enables you to provide instant responses to the patients. Our Chatbot help desk automation facility allows you to provide 24/7 service to your patients. Patients can easily make appointments with doctors, track their appointment and share/receive important documents with the help of our Chatbot.

Educational Institutions

Notbot’s Chatbot helpdesk automation allows you to provide 24/7 effortless service to parents and students. Our Chatbot automation services allow parents and students to receive report cards, mark sheets and other important documents. Our Chatbots will provide them instant assistance whenever needed.

Real estate

Notbot’s customer service automation provides quick, easy and straightforward assistance to your customers. People can easily search for their desired property with our Chatbot automation. They can buy, sell, and rent properties with our Chatbots along with making significant payments.


Notbot’s Chatbot automation provides customers a real-time conversational experience which leads to increased customer satisfaction. Our marketing automation Chatbot facility enables your customers to easily make payments, place/track/cancel orders, send feedbacks, queries and complaints, receive OTPS and reminders for their payments.

Cloud kitchen

Notbot’s customer service automation allows you to provide 24/7 hassle free customer service. Our Chatbot automation allows customers to easily place orders for their food. Customers can also make payments, cancel their orders and track their food orders with the help of our Chatbots.

Courier services

Make faster deliveries by connecting with your customers with Notbot’s customer service automation. Our Chatbot automation facility allows you to provide 24/7 prominent customer service. Interact with your customer and track their location easily with our Chatbots to ensure faster deliveries and improved customer service.

Hyper local delivery

Notbot’s Chatbot automation services allow you to connect with your seller and customer without any human interaction. The aggregator can contact you for delivery with our Chatbot. You can also track down the customers address. Our customer service automation allows you to be constant touch with your seller and customer.

Fin tech

Notbot’s Chatbot automation allows you to monitor and analyze your customer’s behaviors and interests. Our Chatbots will provide them with the information and services that will prove to be the most helpful to your customers. Our customer service automation will provide 24/7 personalized assistance to your customers.

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