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We are NotBot

We help Businesses leverage Whatsapp to provide better Customer experience with help of chatbots & Automations.

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“200+ Businesses trust NotBot to provide better customer experience and increase their Revenue with the help of Whatsapp Chatbots & Automations”

About Us

We are a very small team with the most profound knowledge of Whatsapp APIs and the world around it. We provide custom Whatsapp Chatbots & Automations for Businesses of all sizes across all the industries like Medical, Education, Logistics, E-Commerce, etc.

We currently have a small team of 6 people catering to 100+ clients from 10+ countries. A few of our renowned clients using our Whatsapp Business API solutions are Signature Global, EdgeAI, Paapos, Surepass, Indomie, etc. We have been completely bootstrapped and 100% profitable since our first project. All our leads have been generated Organically and we have spent 0 rupees till now on Marketing. We haven’t run a single advertisement to date.

We are a Startup India DPIIT recognized startup and have been incubated in iStart by Rajasthan as well. We have received recognition from AWS, Hatch by Digital Ocean, and many other organisations.

We started NotBot in August 2020 when we all were stuck in our homes due to the Covid Lockdown. We found an app on the play store that automated WhatsApp replies and was amazed at how this can be used by businesses for a wider range of use cases. At the same time Facebook also invested in Jio & Jio acquired Haptik which was doing AI Chatbots and Jio announced that Jio Mart will be brought to Whatsapp.

So seeing all these connections I knew that Whatsapp Automation is the future and at the same time I found Official Whatsapp Business APIs and we started NotBot.

Now we support all kinds of automation that a business needs to scale, but our core focus is still on Whatsapp.

For each project that we get, I personally design the whole user journey for the end users and help the Businesses to implement the solutions in record time.


Our values

Powerful. Simple. Transparent.

A simple to use platform with powerful features and a clean interface to provide you all the tools to engage with your clients on Whatsapp