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How to choose the best WhatsApp business partner?

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With the help of WhatsApp Business API, your company can easily and securely communicate with clients anywhere in the globe. Additionally, it offers the chance to incorporate premium capabilities that are not included with WhatsApp Business.

How can your company obtain these features, then? The WhatsApp Business Partner role enters the picture at this point. 

Who is a WhatsApp Business Partner?

A global network of independent solution providers with experience using the WhatsApp Business API is known as WhatsApp Business Partners (BSPs) or WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs). Customers can access the WhatsApp Business API through a variety of BSPs. WhatsApp BSPs are authorised to activate the phone number linked to WhatsApp Business and send messages on your company’s behalf.

What makes a WhatsApp Business Partner necessary, then? WhatsApp doesn’t actively oversee business accounts. Instead, they have a list of authorised partners who design and oversee the APIs. Simply said, WhatsApp Business Partners act as a middleman to let organisations quickly start utilising the WhatsApp Business API. They give companies access to WhatsApp Business API and instruct them on how to utilise WhatsApp professionally to deliver round-the-clock customer care. Let me explain this to you simply: this indicates that there is a probability that your company will get approved more quickly and with less effort on your behalf.

What factors should you consider while selecting a WhatsApp Business Partner?

1. What API features are supported?

The API features that a WhatsApp Business Partner offers to determine which one to choose. Not all partners will provide all functionality or even those that are identical to those offered by WhatsApp Business API. For instance, the WhatsApp API allows for the creation of template messages. Choose a business partner who supports template message localization capacity if your company serves clients from several geographic areas. This enables you to deliver messages for each template in many languages.

2. How fast are you onboarded?

Choosing a business provider is mostly done so that WhatsApp can be approved and installed as soon as feasible. The onboarding procedure shouldn’t be drawn out or difficult. You must be able to quickly get going and get to work.

3. What are the supported integration capabilities?

You may have ideas as a company to combine WhatsApp with other programs, such as a CRM or even a ticketing system for customer service. So keep in mind to look at what integration services a potential company partner offers while analysing them. Do they offer built-in integrations that your company can quickly onboard? Do you have access to popular apps that you frequently use?

4. Can you use my personal phone number?

It makes sense that every company wants to employ a single phone number to simplify their customer service procedures. Therefore, pick a business partner who will let you set up WhatsApp Business API using your own phone.

5. What’s the pricing model and strategy?

It is often tempting to choose a business partner who offers everything at a certain price when it comes to pricing. Even while it appears enticing, there is always a catch! You are always unaware of the margin of costs and any hidden fees. Therefore, it’s crucial to comprehend the pricing structure and the advantages offered at that price point.

Want to increase your revenue using Whatsapp?


Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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