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The Official Messaging Guide for WhatsApp Account

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Official Messaging Guide for WhatsApp Account

We congratulate you on WhatsApp Official Account Consent. Kindly read the below procedures cautiously as it consist of significant rules that need to be followed while using WhatsApp’s Official Account. If you do not follow the below guideline, you are most likely to be banned from WhatsApp 

Quality Rating

The standard and quality assessments shown below are basically on how communications texts or messages are received or acquired by your clients in a progressing gap of the last 24 hours. WhatsApp basically shows three different states that are illustrated below-

  • High-green
  • Medium -yellow
  • Low-red

Now and then, your mobile number might show any one of these particular statuses which are related to the quality and the text parameters.

  • Flagged 
  • Restricted.


This status is basically a warning state. When the quality of the messages reduces, then the low (red) state appears and the number is moved or shifted to a Flagged status.

If the quality enhancement rating progresses to a high (green) or medium (yellow) state near 7 days then the mobile number will reappear to the fellow Connected status.

If the value or the quality rating does not improve in less than 7 days then the number will still move back to the respected Connected status but there will be certain limitations on the messages imposed on it 


 If the mobile number reaches a certain limit, then it gets shifted to the restricted state. During this restricted state, the number won’t be able to send or get any notifications between the 24-hour window.  The other part can still respond to the previously initiated messages

Messaging Limits-

These text limits estimate the number of users that are allowed to send you these messages regularly. This also comprises brand new conversations on the pre-existing operators with the users. Messaging limits and the number of conversations with people are not related. You just have to keep in mind that it does not apply to the messages sent in reply to a user-initiated message within the 24 business period.

  • Tier 1: Permits you to send messages to around 1000 unique clients in a systematic 24-hour space.
  • Tier 2: Permits you to send messages to around 10,000 unique clients in a systematic 24-hour space.
  • Tier 3: Permits you to send messages to around 100,000 unique clients in a systematic 24-hour space.

Please Note: Basically Tier 1 business starts when you register and get your mobile number.

Any business mobile phone number will be advanced to the following tier if:

  • If the rating quality is not low. 
  • Its quality rating is not low, and the number of users that send messages and notifications enhances up to twice its present messaging perimeter between the 7-day time period.
  • If the respected reaches or touches this threshold then it will automatically be stimuli to shift to the next tier. It takes at least 48 hours to get upgraded when the respected business is sending the texts up to the set limit daily.

 Roll Out by the phase

We will advise you to roll out the following WhatsApp Integration phase-wise or segment according to the region and it will automatically start sending, keeping the limits of the messages in mind. Testing and segmentation of the internal employee are essential.

Follow the Opt-In Rules- 

You can opt for the feature where you can only send messages to the customers who have chosen to reply or receive the following messages. Make sure to follow the WhatsApp Opt-In Guidelines to maintain the respected high-quality rating.

The option for OPT-OUT should always be given to the clients by the distribution of specific keywords like OPTOUT, STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE etc.

Conversation is Personalized

The target is to make the messages highly useful to the customers and make sure it is personalized. Evade sending any open-ended or any sort of interdictory messages  

Rate of time and messages-

Our basic aim is to send all the informational messages to your customers.  Sending too many messages on a single day should be avoided. It is essential for you to indulge with your customers at the right time. 

Want to increase your revenue using Whatsapp?


Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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