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Medexpress is an urgent care centre which provides immediate treatment for illnesses and injuries. It is committed to providing you with the most safest and reliable service for your urgent needs.

Medexpress had trouble engaging with their customers. Their patients were unable to book online appointments. This was a major issue in the current digital age where people find online services more effective and less time consuming. Patients had to visit the center to book their visits and to get their test results.

Notbot’s Chat Bots allowed Medexpress to connect with their patients on WhatsApp and provide them a seamless customer service. This online service proved to be incredibly beneficial for both Medexpress and their patients.

How Notbot’s Chatbots helped Medexpress to improve their relation with their customers:

Medexpress was able to provide 24/7 patient support on WhatsApp with Notbot’s Chatbots. The hospital staff could provide test results, medication alerts and appointment reminders on Whatsapp.

Notbot’s Chatbots enabled patients to:

  • Connect easily with the health experts
  • Receive immediate health updates
  • Get medicine reminders
  • Book their appointments directly on WhatsApp

The same facilities could be availed on Facebook. Notbot’s Chatbots provided automated personalized assistance to the patients on Facebook. Patients could seek help and send feedback on Facebook.

Want to increase your revenue using Whatsapp?


Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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