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How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices?

How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices?

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Hey! I am NotBot. I have helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging Whatsapp.

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Every day, 175 million people message a business account! The age of convenience and short attention spans is here. When you use WhatsApp to assist consumers, a new channel for continuing communications is opened.

An ‘instant’ response to their sales/marketing inquiries is crucial or extremely significant to over 82% of consumers, according to a HubSpot poll. And when reviewing the level of customer service they received, 90% of them look for an “immediate” answer.

Now, managing all of your customers with a single WhatsApp Business account is not an easy task and may get rather challenging. As your company expands, you might need to hire additional personnel to handle problems as they arise.

To provide exceptional customer service, you’ll need a team of corporate reps. This requires involving more than one person and making it simple to utilise the app across many devices. This means that using WhatsApp Business across several devices is essential for managing your company effectively.

Can WhatsApp business be used on multiple devices? 

Absolutely, yes!

Due to the fact that the WhatsApp Business app was created with small business owners in mind, it is not the greatest option for complex tasks or automation.

The WhatsApp Business API, however, is more suitable for SMBs with rapid expansion. With the help of this API, you can simply run interesting and interactive advertisements, let users shop inside WhatsApp conversations, and automate notifications and responses to provide excellent customer service, among many other things.

Consider making the most of this API by collaborating with a large team that will all be granted access to the Business account, each using their own device, at the same time.

Utilising the WhatsApp Business app across several devices

The WhatsApp Business app can only be used simultaneously on a maximum of two devices. There are several methods for doing it:

  • Install the WhatsApp Business app on a separate smartphone.
  • WhatsApp Web using any desktop browser of your choosing.

I think that’s it. You must begin utilising the WhatsApp Business API in order to simultaneously access your account from several devices.

Using the WhatsApp Business API across many devices-

Compared to the WhatsApp Business app, the WhatsApp Business API is more capable of supporting enterprises that get high amounts of messages. So many companies are already utilising this helpful instrument to its fullest potential. Today, companies using the WhatsApp Business API send close to 100 million messages per day.

What if you could increase this and optimise your benefits while reducing your workload?

With the help of NotBot’s Shared Team Inbox and the WhatsApp Business API, you can now quickly and easily streamline internal team collaboration and work hours. You, your team, and an unlimited number of devices can utilise WhatsApp Business to handle incoming customer support requests without difficulty.

How can teams made up of several people use WhatsApp Business to provide customer service?

In order to guarantee that all of your customers receive the finest customer service possible, WhatsApp Business must support many devices.

Utilise a single WhatsApp Business Number to collaborate with an unlimited number of peers (agents) to deliver excellent customer service.

  • Instantly respond with pre-configured templates & short replies. This makes it easier to maintain a consistent tone of reply throughout, regardless of the agency.
  • To facilitate and improve team cooperation, use private notes and chat labels. As a result, it is simpler to continue where the prior team member left off.
  • Using welcome messages, OOO messages, and delayed response messages, manage consumer expectations.
  • Monitor the agents’ response and resolution times
  • Gain control over all of your communication channels by connecting them, which will save you time and effort. With NotBot, email, live chat, and WhatsApp businesses can all be connected.

Start managing your WhatsApp Business account in a better way using multiple devices and members

To assist you manage the account across many devices, NotBot makes use of the official WhatsApp Business API’s multiple-user feature.

NotBot can also assist you in setting up intelligent automation, which further works in your favour and makes it simple to manage and meet customer communication expectations.

Using just one WhatsApp Business Number, you can cooperate with an unlimited number of teammates (agents) to deliver top-notch customer service.

Want to increase your revenue using Whatsapp?


Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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