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How to use WhatsApp as a customer support tool

How to use WhatsApp as a customer support tool

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With the express purpose of making it simple to engage with your consumers personally, WhatsApp Business was established. We think WhatsApp is the future of customer support because of this.

WhatsApp Business was created specifically to make it easy to interact personally with your customers. Because of this, we believe WhatsApp to be the future of customer support.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp for customer support?

In addition to the fact that the majority of us use WhatsApp for daily communication, here are a few other benefits of using WhatsApp for customer care in your company.

Enormous reach

With more than 2 billion active users each month, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service. Therefore, it’s highly likely that a customer you wish to work with already uses the app!

Simple and speedy

Customers frequently have WhatsApp installed on their phones and constantly search for new messages. Consider how many times you use this app each day to send, receive, and open messages.

Be organized.

Labels make it simple to organize your contacts or chats so you can quickly find them again.

Rapid communications with previously saved templates

Save and reuse your WhatsApp business message templates so you can quickly respond to frequently requested questions. 

Automate dialogues

By sending out automated business notifications, you can interact with your clients at every stage of the purchasing process. From sending out automatic WhatsApp messages in response to a customer’s behaviour (or lack thereof!) to establishing unique auto-replies for often-asked questions by customers. using interactive features like CTA / Quick Reply Buttons and other rich media themes (images, videos, PDFs, etc.).

There are countless ways NotBot can assist you in maximizing WhatsApp business support!

Multiple admins for your WhatsApp Business account

Managing all of your customers from a single WhatsApp Business account is not a simple undertaking. To provide exceptional customer service, you’ll need a team of corporate reps.

A real human may be needed to continue the conversation if some client inquiries cannot be resolved by automation alone. If just one person has access to the WhatsApp business account, getting prompt answers to these questions can become a nuisance.

When using the WhatsApp Business API, it is helpful to have a common team mailbox.

Your entire team can read all customer communications on a single dashboard thanks to WhatsApp Business API’s multi-device capability. They will be able to respond to numerous user inquiries at once, and all of their responses will look to have come from the same WhatsApp Business account.

With unlimited team member logins, the shared team inbox enables you to bring your entire team on board. Having all of your customer discussions in one place on a single dashboard makes it simple to manage, track, and respond to messages when you’re on the move.

How to use WhatsApp for customer assistance?

You may utilize WhatsApp for customer service in a variety of ways. But we’re here to provide you with examples based on strategies employed by top companies.

Respond to typical consumer inquiries

When customers contact businesses with their inquiries, they anticipate prompt responses. You can instantly respond to them through one-on-one chat using WhatsApp. For instance when someone wants to help locate your store’s sizing chart or chooses the appropriate product size by themself!

You can also set up automation to handle the majority of these incoming questions using clever WhatsApp marketing solutions like NotBot.

Take feedback

Whether or not a customer has made a purchase from you, their opinions matter greatly when it comes to how they feel about your company. With WhatsApp customer care, you can also utilize the chat to gather opinions and recommendations of your services or products, learning more about what customers are expecting from you.

Status updates are sent

An essential component of excellent customer service is keeping clients informed about the progress of their orders. You can utilize WhatsApp’s business support to inform them of order status changes and other important information.

Instantly share notifications

Customers are more likely to read communications posted on WhatsApp than they are to read messages sent through more conventional channels like email. Due to the instantaneous delivery of notifications and reminders sent via this software, they can be quite helpful. You may send anything in a matter of seconds, including bills, appointment reminders, and order updates.

Emphasize the goods and services.

With enhanced product/service visibility, you can send a WhatsApp catalogue as part of your auto-replies and boost conversion rates. 

Increase client interaction

You may mass message your customers using WhatsApp broadcasts. Additionally, you can improve your customer communication by using media files like photographs, movies, and GIFs, among many other types.

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Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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