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How to select the best WhatsApp display name

How to select the best WhatsApp display name

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WhatsApp Display Name Guidelines

A display name will be assigned to your phone number which will be visible to your customer based on the type of your account.

 Display Name for Your Business

  1. The display name for your business account must reflect the context of your business. You should choose a display name without violating WhatsApp Commerce and Business policies.
  2. In order to be able to send messages to your customers and qualify for a WhatsApp Business Account, you need to choose display names that abide by the required guidelines.

Five principles for choosing display name and avoiding formatting errors:

  1. Display names should abide by WhatsApp Commerce and Business policies.
  1. Only those accounts that are compliant with WhatsApp Commerce policy are qualified to have a WhatsApp business account.
  1. Sharp demonstration of your Business

A display name should be representing:

  • Your business, its products and its services
  • A test account which must be related to your business

A display name shouldn’t stand for

  • An individual’s name
  • A generic name
  • A generic geographical location
  • A slogan or a lengthy description

A government-affiliated organization needs to get its display name approved by the WhatsApp team.

  1. Consistency with External Branding

A display name must have consistent branding with external sources such as the company’s website or marketing.

  1. Relationship with your Business

The display name of your business must be referred to on your official business website or external media references.

If the relationship between your company and brand isn’t official, then you can represent the relationship by using “by [company name]”. An example would be “fruit Snacks by Fresh Produce”. The display name of your company must be exclusively related to your company and hence using the name of any third party won’t be accepted.

Proper Formatting 

Formatting errors found in your display name would lead to its rejection.

Below are the formatting rules that must be followed to get your display name approved:

  1. A display name should not be in all capitals as long as your business already brands in all capitals. It should have grammatically correct capitalization. It should also match the capitalization used in your official business name.
  1. The spacing used in your display name should not be different from the ones in your business name.
  1. Any extra punctuation, emojis or character symbols must not be added to the display name.
  1. You can only add extra words to your company or brand name if the words indicate a country or region, department or function or test/demo account. Also, these added words must be properly capitalized.
  1. The display name should contain a minimum of three characters.
  1. Display names in URL format aren’t accepted.

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