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How to get your WhatsApp Templates approved

How to get your WhatsApp Templates approved

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Guidelines for getting your WhatsApp templates approved

Certain types of messages which aren’t allowed are as follows:

  • Marketing and Promotional messages
  • Offer, Offer Coupons and Gift Coupons
  • Up Selling, Cross Selling and appending offers, discount messages, transactional messages
  • Cold Call messages
  • Survey and poll-related messages
  • Promotional templates
  • Exclusive content in the form of images or PDF
  • Message templates consisting of spelling mistakes

 Templates with Potentially Abusive Content are Rejected

  1. Message templates that terrorize customers with a legal course of action aren’t allowed.
  2. Message templates that threaten customers to shame them if they fail to pay back their loans aren’t allowed.

Tips to Get Your WhatsApp Templates Approved Faster

You can follow these guidelines to fasten up your approval process;

  1. The name of your message template must be crisp and clear. Avoid using names like ‘template_014”. Use names which reflect the content of your template such as “bus_ticket_details”.
  2. Keep in mind that an outsider will be reviewing your templates.  Hence, it’s extremely important for your templates to be transparent so that the reviewers can make better use of your templates.
  3. Avoid requesting floating variables such as {{1}}, {{2}}. Include textual information in the dynamic variable to provide a clear idea of what will be inserted.
  4. The dynamic variables must be indicated correctly. You can include your desired number of dynamic variables in the template but the variable must start from 1.

You need to send a message template to open a 24-hour session. You can start a new conversation by mentioning some aspects of the previous chat such as “I am sorry I was unable to respond o your concerns yesterday but I’m happy to assist you now. Please reply with YES, if you would like to continue this discussion”. 

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Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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