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How to get WhatsApp Verified Badge

How to get WhatsApp Verified Badge

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How to get WhatsApp Verified Badge?

Display Name

While applying for WhatsApp Business API Access, you must submit a display name and your WhatsApp number. The display name will be displayed to the user based on the type of your account.

Types of WhatsApp Business Accounts

Business Account

Any account which is using the WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business App is a business account.

An authentication process is initiated by WhatsApp to verify the legitimacy of every account on the WhatsApp Business API. 

Official Business Account

Official Business Accounts are those accounts which WhatsApp verifies. These accounts have a green checkmark badge and chat thread headers. The names of these accounts are visible to users even when their numbers aren’t saved in their contact list.

Very few businesses will be updated to official business accounts.

How will your users view your business?

  • If a user has already saved your number in their contact list, then the name of your business will always be displayed in their list
  • The contacts view will always display your phone number.

Official Business Accounts

If your account is verified, then it:

  • Display name will appear in the chat list, chat screens, chat groups and contact view
  • The display name won’t appear in the phone number
  • The displayed name in the contact list will have a green checkmark beside it.

Business Accounts (All Accounts)

If your WhatsApp account is not an Official Business Account, then its

  • Display name will only appear in the contacts view in smaller text
  • Other views will only display your phone number.

You can enable your customers to gather detailed information about your business by filling out your required business information.

Eligibility Criteria for Acquiring WhatsApp Green Badge

  • You must be using WhatsApp verified business Account
  • You must enable the 2-step authentication process
  • Facebook should verify your Facebook Business Manager
  • Accounts must belong to a business
  • It would help if you either were in tier-2 or above messaging level. 

We request you wait for at least 3 months before getting your business approved by WhatsApp. You also need to wait until you are eligible for the tier 2 messaging level. 99% of business requests for approval are rejected since they don’t have quality messaging statistics and scores.

Please abide by the WhatsApp policies to get verified by WhatsApp quickly.

WhatsApp provides verified badges to only Fortune 500 and those businesses that have a high brand name in the consumer market.

In case your application for the badge gets rejected by WhatsApp, you can re-apply for it only after 3 months.

Only the WhatsApp team is responsible for deciding whether they want to make your account an Official Business Account. Also, they grant official business accounts to businesses and not to business employees or even test accounts.

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Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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