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How to get customers to opt-in for WhatsApp Business

How to get customers to opt-in for WhatsApp Business

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Progressive companies all around the world have jumped at the chance to use WhatsApp Business API to communicate with their clients.

Why not, then? There are about 2 billion active WhatsApp users globally. This explains why customer service experts believe instant messaging services like WhatsApp to be one of the low-hanging fruits.

Now, as a business, it is crucial that you first secure your consumers’ permission to message them on WhatsApp before you get started and start building productive customer engagements. In other words, prior to commencing a WhatsApp chat with a consumer, customer opt-in must be gathered.

We’re here to help you through the process of easily gathering these opt-ins. Let’s begin straight away.

What is WhatsApp Business Opt-in?

Customer consent to receive messages from your business on WhatsApp is known as WhatsApp Business Opt-in. Businesses must obtain client consent before sending a WhatsApp message to them, per WhatsApp rules.

These WhatsApp opt-ins had previously been gathered through a different source. Due to a recent change in its policy, WhatsApp has announced that companies can now directly get opt-ins without using a third party.

Yes, this calls for your company to gather opt-ins through an already-existing channel of contact. We’re talking about SMS, websites, in-app notifications, IVR, emails, or even a WhatsApp thread that a consumer-initiated.

What rules should be adhered to when gathering WhatsApp Business opt-ins?

Businesses must adhere to a few guidelines set forth by WhatsApp’s policy when gathering opt-ins. Your company must follow the following standards:

• You must plainly mention that the client has given permission to receive messages from your company on WhatsApp.

• You must specifically name the company that the client has chosen to receive messages from.

• As a business, you must also make sure that you are abiding by the relevant laws.

5 best ways to gatherWhatsApp Business Opt-ins

1. Go for WhatsApp Threads 

The quickest technique to obtain opt-ins is by far this. A customer of yours has already expressed interest in contacting you via your WhatsApp business number. After you have answered their question, you need to ask them if they would like to receive pertinent updates from your company over WhatsApp.

2. Attract opt-ins via Website or in-app notifications

Without a doubt, your website is a successful source of WhatsApp opt-ins. To ask the consumer for permission to receive messages from your company on WhatsApp, you can have a pop-up directly on the homepage or even create a new landing page. In-app notifications can also be set up for this purpose.

3. Build onto existing workflows

Incorporating opt-ins into your current process workflows is another reliable method of collecting them. It only makes sense to ask customers for permission to receive shipment notifications and order confirmations on WhatsApp when they are filling out their contact or delivery details during checkout since the main objective is to send reminders and timely notifications throughout the customer journey.

4. Utilize existing channels like SMS, IVR, Email and Social Media Ads. 

The nice thing about these platforms is that your company will already be utilising them to send customers timely updates. This is also an excellent way to obtain the consent of current clients. Here’s what you could do for each of these channels to prompt a response from your clients:

Enable one-click opt-in for SMS and email for a speedy response.

IVR – Create an automated audio message and ask the client to confirm their agreement by pressing a certain key on their dial pad.

Ads on your preferred social media platforms are really popular right now. You can run advertisements that send clients to landing pages where they can choose to receive WhatsApp messages from your company.

5. Make it a part of your sign-up forms

There’s nothing better than setting your clients off to a good start. Include WhatsApp as a contact option on the sign-up form so that users may choose how they want to be reached.

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Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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