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How to generate WhatsApp QR Code in 3 Steps

How to generate WhatsApp QR Code in 3 Steps

Want to increase your revenue using

Hey! I am NotBot. I have helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging Whatsapp.

Want to accomplish the same for your business?

WhatsApp is a great platform for business communication, regardless of whether you manage an e-commerce store, a chain of hotels, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, car service centres, or anything else. 

Over 2.2 billion individuals spend 38 minutes there every day!  

You must first connect with users on WhatsApp to engage them in WhatsApp!

One of the most helpful things you can add to your toolbox to attract new clients and increase user engagement is the WhatsApp QR Code.

Using a WhatsApp Engagement platform like NotBot, a WhatsApp QR Code generates a click to WhatsApp Chat Link that sends users to WhatsApp, where you can immediately gather their name and WhatsApp number. 

How to create WhatsApp QR Code?

Using NotBot, you can create and download your own special Free WhatsApp QR Code. You also receive a special WhatsApp Link that you can use to boost engagement on WhatsApp and attract new users across all social media platforms. 

Visit the WhatsApp QR Code Generator to produce this QR Code. Take the actions listed below after visiting this page:

Choose your nation and enter the phone number you want to receive messages on.

In the “Custom Message” section, type a message. The user will receive this pre-populated message when they access your WhatsApp after scanning the QR Code.

Consider what a user might typically enter when sending you a message when you are writing this. Compare the message side by side to get a sense of how your clients would perceive it.

Finally, press the “Generate Link” button to generate a shareable URL link and a WhatsApp 

QR Code.To gain additional traction, download the QR Code and place it on the packaging of your goods. Post your Free WhatsApp Link to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and more to share with your audience.  

Where can you use WhatsApp QR Code?

Here are some inventive WhatsApp QR Code Use Case Scenarios to demonstrate how helpful this technology is for businesses:

  • Include it in the product packaging because 70% of customers make a buy after seeing the package. The WhatsApp QR Code is a fantastic way to engage with users of WhatsApp. Attach it to the packaging of your goods. Additionally, you can leverage WhatsApp’s Exclusive discount coupons to persuade users to scan the code. 
  • Put it in your retail locations by pasting the WhatsApp QR Code there. This is a terrific method to interact with WhatsApp users. Encourage visitors to use WhatsApp to place their orders and encourage them to scan the QR Code. 
  • Guest Homes & Hotels – Putting a WhatsApp QR Code on the outside of hotels & guest rooms is a terrific method to let people know about available rooms & submit room photographs. Additionally, include it in every room in the menu book to make ordering simpler for customers. 
  • Marketing Banners and Hoardings – Include the WhatsApp QR Code on your marketing banners and hoardings to provide viewers with a way to interact and engage with you on WhatsApp. 
  • Hospitals – To prevent long lines at the front desk, hospitals can add a WhatsApp QR Code to make it simple to make cashless payments using the WhatsApp Chatbot. A user first scans the code, which directs them to WhatsApp. After then, the WhatsApp Chatbot can take over and help the user with appointments, payments, and other tasks.

You also receive a WhatsApp Link in addition to the QR Code, which you can use to distribute content on email, social media, product packaging, and many other platforms.

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Want to increase your revenue using Whatsapp?


Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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