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How to apply for a green tick on WhatsApp?

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If you think that Facebook’s authentication procedure for the WhatsApp Business API is what’s causing the “Green Tick” next to your company name on WhatsApp, you’re not the only one! We’re here to explain the distinctions to you. Additionally, we’ll walk you through the procedures necessary to obtain this green tick on WhatsApp for your company.‍

What is the ‘green tick’ on WhatsApp?

The official green checkmark that WhatsApp offers to show the Brand’s reliability and authenticity is the “green tick” on WhatsApp business accounts. WhatsApp’s unambiguous endorsement of the brand shows how much the business values it! Official WhatsApp Verified Accounts are those with the Green Tick icon.

First things first: in order to establish your WhatsApp Business account, your company must first successfully complete the Facebook Business Manager authentication process.

However, even having your business verified does not guarantee that a green checkmark will appear next to its name on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is constantly exploring methods to improve consumers’ perceptions of the reliability of commercial communications on the platform. Customers can be assured that they are corresponding with a business’s verified, authorised account thanks to this verified badge.

What is the eligibility for a Green Tick on WhatsApp‍ Business?

  • -You must connect WhatsApp Business API with your company. To achieve this, contact solution providers like NotBot.
  • -Your FB Business Manager should be used to complete the Facebook business verification.
  • -It is strongly advised that your company use Tier 2 or higher communications levels.
  • -WhatsApp normally permits well-known and respected brands to obtain the verified badge.

What could disqualify someone from receiving a Green Tick on their WhatsApp Business account?

You must keep in mind that you are not permitted to link your company with the WhatsApp Business API if it deals with any of the following goods or services. That’s accurate; you would not be able to submit an application for the Green Tick on WhatsApp at all.

Drugs, tobacco products, gambling, alcohol brands, firearms and ammunition, live animals, adult products and services, medical and healthcare items, dating services, and cryptocurrencies are just a few examples.

How do you verify your WhatsApp business account to display the green tick?

You must first integrate your company with the WhatsApp Business API in order to apply for the green tick verified WhatsApp Business account. After that, your API provider will assist you with the green tick application.

If you decide to join NotBot, we will make this procedure simpler for you. You can quickly apply for a Green Tick verified WhatsApp Business account once you have supported 50+ users on WhatsApp via NotBot.

Please be aware, nevertheless, that NotBot has no control over WhatsApp’s decision to accept the green tick application for your company. In certain situations, WhatsApp’s decision regarding whether to accept or reject your application will be final.‍

What advantages do green ticks on WhatsApp corporate accounts offer?

Your brand identity receives a sign of credibility from the WhatsApp Green Tick. Customers can immediately see that your brand is credible and trustworthy when they get messages from it on WhatsApp with a green checkmark designating that it is a verified WhatsApp Business account.

The Green Tick additionally aids in the user’s ability to recognise your brand name because it will appear on their screen as the company’s WhatsApp Business name, even if they haven’t saved your brand’s contact information on their device. This improves the user’s impression and helps your brand develop a more personal relationship with your customers.

Want to increase your revenue using Whatsapp?


Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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