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An ultimate guide to WhatsApp marketing

An ultimate guide to WhatsApp marketing

Want to increase your revenue using

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Businesses constantly need to generate leads in order to increase their customer engagement and sales. A large number of digital marketers and business owners try to reach their potential leads through WhatsApp by sending business templates to unknown WhatsApp numbers. Generating leads on WhatsApp guarantees a huge number of sales. But currently, WhatsApp doesn’t have any official advertisement podium similar to Google and Facebook.

A vast number of WhatsApp Sending Software exist which utilize WhatsApp web automation and phone automation systems. WhatsApp Official Business API has been recently launched which allows businesses to send messages in Bulk. But these applications are incapable of sending vast numbers of marketing templates to unknown numbers.

WhatsApp reports that approximately 2 million numbers are being blocked every month for sending unwanted messages to unknown numbers. Your number can be blocked within a few days or even minutes if you continue to send a large number of messages to unknown contacts.

WhatsApp can still be used as a great device for implementing your marketing strategies and expanding your business. Let us now venture into how that is possible.

Assimilation of WhatsApp Widget into your webpage

Integrating WhatsApp into your webpage enables web page visitors to directly connect to your business via WhatsApp without the need to save your contact into their device. You need to include a WhatsApp number with a short URL on your website. A simple click on the URL will redirect them to WhatsApp.

Use WhatsApp as Call to Action in your social media marketing campaigns

This method of OPT-IN is one of the most effective ways to attract customers and keep them engaged. 80% of leads leave after visiting your website without engaging with your business on WhatsApp. You can easily target your preferred audience and redirect them to WhatsApp by creating a WhatsApp link as Call to Action.

Use WhatsApp number in your Offline Promotions

Your offline campaigns must make use of your official business WhatsApp number by generating a QR code, print in posters, billboards, pamphlets, Television Ads etc.

Mark and divide leads for Personalized service

Labelling and dividing your leads will help you to figure out which marketing source is able to provide effective and personalized messages to users. You need to include their names in the conversation to generate a more personalized tone and send them messages that serve their needs and interests rather than yours.

Build an effective Drip Campaign

A well-planned WhatsApp drip campaign will incorporate more sales. A campaign that aims to send 8 message sequences twice a week for a month can prove to be highly effective for a business. Remember to provide the provision of OPT-OUT from your campaign. 

Customer preference must be prioritized

It is important to respect your customer’s choice. Hence, always provide the OPT-OUT option to your customers. Also, you need to eliminate those customers whose engagement rate is negative.

Create product catalogues

With WhatsApp, you can create product catalogues to provide better insights about your business within Whatsapp Business App in the form of a Catalogue. Build a product catalogue which enables your customers to gather more information about your product and services.

Humanize conversations

Customers don’t prefer to engage in automated conversations for long hours. Make sure your messages make them feel like they are conversing with a human who will cater to all their requirements. 

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Want to increase your revenue using Whatsapp?


Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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