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5 Tips to message better on WhatsApp as a Business

5 Tips to Message Better on WhatsApp as a Business

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If you are not using WhatsApp for marketing, you are losing out at a time when interactions and person-to-person marketing are everything.

With over two billion users globally, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging service, offering businesses the chance to connect with clients where they are most engaged.

In fact, nearly 50 million businesses have already registered on WhatsApp Business since its introduction.

However, most firms do not pay enough attention to the best practices they would on other channels while employing WhatsApp marketing.

Customers are now receiving more mass promotional texts, which has caused some to ban all incoming calls from certain numbers.

Here are a few guidelines every business must adhere to while interacting with their customers on WhatsApp.

1. Establish a brand identity

Create a WhatsApp Business account first, with a profile image you can use on various social media sites to make it simple for customers to remember and identify you.

For the purpose of developing a recognisable brand identity, make sure your WhatsApp firm account contains all the information about your firm, including the name, address, category, description, email, and website link.

2. Connect with existing customers

People use WhatsApp as a platform to communicate with their loved ones, also known as their known ones.

WhatsApp is being used by companies like Home Canvas to increase client engagement. They are now able to help customers in a far more proactive manner before, during, and after a purchase thanks to the conversational marketing made possible by WhatsApp Business API. ‍

3. Communicate in a business tone

Using WhatsApp, people may stay in touch with their loved ones. Businesses that adopt an overly formal tone of voice will stand out like a sore thumb. This has added a casual touch to how we generally message on the site.

However, it’s also crucial that, while attempting to add a casual touch to their messages, your company does not lose sight of its brand identity and values.

4. Keep your messages short and crisp

It’s never a good idea to reply to a customer’s WhatsApp message with a lengthy paragraph.

Customers may occasionally check WhatsApp while multitasking or they may check their phones while on the go. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep WhatsApp messages brief and to the point, taking no longer than 8 to 10 seconds to read.

The messages should be well-formatted and brief enough to read at a glance. ‍

5. Engage with your customers

WhatsApp Business is typically used as a platform to send out delivery notifications, confirmation alerts, and other messages.

However, it also makes for a great two-way communication route. It is frequently used by people to request customer help prior to, during, and after a transaction, even though you can send over promotional, instructive, and entertaining content.

Are you into WhatsApp Marketing yet?

Due to how frequently users check the messaging app, there is a very strong likelihood that WhatsApp business messaging will increase conversions. More than 50 million companies use WhatsApp marketing to interact with their current clients, create lasting connections, and increase sales. However, not everyone succeeds at it!

As you begin to use the WhatsApp Business API, be sure to keep these best practices in mind to develop a marketing plan that is centred on having meaningful interactions with your target audience.

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Want to increase your revenue using Whatsapp?


Notbot has helped 100+ companies to increase their revenue 3x by leveraging WhatsApp.

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